Deborah’s professional photographic journey began in 2010 when she retired from a successful 23-year career as an ASID and NCIDQ-credentialed interior designer in the kitchen and bath industry.  Her forte was designing luxury interiors for the South Florida and Carolina Mountain lifestyles.  She is delighted that she can now apply all that creative energy, time, and talent to her life-long passion for photography.
After graduating from the Photography Institute, Deborah entrenched herself into her craft, continuing her studies and expanding her subject matter to include Home Interiors and Architecture, Fine Art and Landscape, and Nature  photography.  Her dedication has resulted in her work being featured in many local and regional magazines, competitions and venues, as well as abroad. She consistently delivers interesting perspectives that render a clean crisp Interior or architectural image, gripping and compelling landscapes, enticing and tantalizing food photography and her creations display a quality separate and unique.
Deborah says, “Photography is the intersection of composition, light, and timing. Sometimes it is the absence of light and what is NOT in the image that makes a good image.  Knowing what to leave out could be as important as what to include.”  Continuing, she explains, “The absence of light is as important as light itself, as this is what gives shape and form to the subject of your image. Light cannot exist without darkness, and it’s that contrast that I work with. Revealing the gradients between light and dark is what we, as photographers, do. It is our artist’s pallet.’
In Deb’s Interior and Architectural work, she partners with leading builders, architects, and designers in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, Maine and Houston areas, to produce affordable professional photography for their websites, television advertisements, and print use.  The resulting images are used as visual aids for her clients, successfully contributing to generating more business for them and leading to satisfied customers who highly recommends her photography skills and services.
Deborah says, “You get one chance to make a first and lasting impression, so make it count!” To coin a very old and very true phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  In Deborah Scannell’s case, it is worth a thousand emotions as well.
Thank you!
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